Thursday, May 26, 2016



         Yes people it's about that time to go home to the Nevada desert and party under the electric sky!  This June thousands of people will make an exodus to Las Vegas to reunite with festival friends at the Las Vegas Speedway and relive the magical times that can only be experienced at a festival like EDC.  If you have never been to an INSOMNIAC  festival then you have not felt the magic in the air. I can only compare it the feeling when you were a child going to Disneyland for the first time, it's almost like you have been teleported to another world where your dreams and imagination comes to life. 

Insomniac has been creating experiences since 1993 with Pasquale Rotella at the helm and it has only been getting bigger and bigger.  I've been attending these events since 1996 and I remember seeing Pasquale promoting his parties and being hands on with all of his events and nothing has changed and it shows.  All of his events have a feel of a family gathering where everyone is welcomed with a warm embrace.  Although the parties have grown to the size of a small town the feeling is still there and will never go away.  Now we get amazing line ups to lose ourselves in the music along with the best productions in the world.

So if you have haven't been to an Electric Daisy Carnival I suggest you make it out to Vegas and experience it for yourself.  I hope to make it out this year to shoot for my website KNOWN MEDIA and if so you I will have lots to post for you here.  See you Under The Electric Sky!!

Revolve Clothing at Coachella


            If you know Coachella then you know that that is not the only party going on in the desert. There is a plethora of invite only events at secret locations and for those of you in the know then the desert is your playground.  Companies such as Heineken and Revolve Clothing sponsor events at private estates, closed down Sam's Club warehouses or even airport runways.  I was able to attend some of these events and brought my camera along with me to capture some of the who's who and fashionable looks at these parties for my website KNOWN MEDIA.  One of these events was the REVOLVE FASHION FESTIVAL that was held at swanky multimillion dollar estate with many sponsors giving out free swag as well as live performances by ASAP FERG 

ASAP FERG had the crowd hyped on a new level! He had everyone's full attention with his energetic performance and party vibe.  The event brought out some celebs to party among the crowd including ASAP ROCKY, Tyler The Creator and A-Trak.

Along with the music celebs there were a handful of internet sensations including Instagrams Violet Benson aka @daddyissues and youtube's Lauren Mayhew.

These invite only events are flooded with beautiful people dressed to impress ready to enjoy Coachella level performances and take advantage of the hosted bars.  If you're lucky enough to make it to one of these make sure to dress to impress because there will be bloggers and photographers such as myself to capture the moments and you don't want to end up on the internet looking like you stick out like a sore thumb.  

Wonderland by Kirsty Mitchell


       Kirsty Mitchell has in the span of 2 days of discovering her work become my favorite photographer.  Her work is absolutely beautiful and with a surreal look and almost painting like feel it takes you away to a fantasy land.  Her imagery captures your imagination and drops it down the rabbit hole.  

Her vast knowledge of fashion design gives her an advantage with extravagant costumes and sets to really bring her creations to life.  


The Wonderland Book has become the biggest kickstarter for a book and you can see why by some of the images I posted.  Kirsty Mitchell has won many honors including Best Conceptual Photographer and is a Nikon UK Ambassador for Fine Art.

Take it from me you will be hearing a lot about this relatively young artist in the very near future. Kirsty Mitchell if you're reading this you are absolutely amazing and have made a big fan out of me.