Sunday, February 7, 2016

Photoshop Used In History

Doctored Photos in History 

The Original Image
An unaltered version of the photo reveals that the newspaper has replaces the two female Cabinet members, Limor Livnat and Sofa Landver, with the men's faces.  The faces belong to ministers Ariel Atias and Moshe Kachlon, who in the the original photograph can be seen toward the periphery of the group (standing, second from left and second from right.) In Yated Neeman's version of the image, they have been cropped out.  Much of the newspaper's readership consists of ultra-Orthodox readers who do not think it proper for women to serve in the government. 

Benjamin Netanyahu and His Cabinet, 2009
The Israeli newspaper Yated Neeman published this version of a group photo of Netanyahu, the country's newly elected Prime Minister, front left, with President Shimon Peres, front right, and members of Netanyahu's new government.

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