Thursday, April 21, 2016

Cinema - Lights, Camera, Action!

            Throughout the history of cinema there have been numerous amounts of genres that have popped up and impacted the movie goers all over the world.  Some genres remained strong while others became a thing of the past with only a few directors giving nods to them here and there with their creations.  Here are a few genres that have been important to me and my love for the cinema.
  1. Film Noir
  2. Science Fiction
  3. Crime & Gangster
  4. Action
  5. Comedy 

Film Noir

Sunset Boulevard

I really love the movie posters from the golden age of cinema because there was so much more involved than just putting the actors face and the title, there was story telling behind it and the fact that they were also hand drawn made them that much more special.  In this poster we see "Norma Desmond" overlooking and casting a gaze at "Joe Gillis" and "Betty Shaefer" in an insane manner as to say that she has control over them.  The movie title on the film real that is tied in a knot depicts that someone is tied up in some sort of struggle.  This is a powerful movie poster that gives the movie goer an air of sinister suspense. 

Science Fiction 

Blade Runner

You can tell that the creator of the Blade Runner movie poster was a fan of film noir and it shows in the movie poster.  This has all the classic elements of the movie posters from yesteryear right down to the fact that it is painted and not photographed.  You can obviously see who the main character is by the placement and prominent nature of the image.  Harrison Ford is placed at the very top and looks very intent and heroic standing ready for action with a brilliant light behind him while Sean Young is placed underneath him in a mysterious manner smoking her cigarette.  You can also tell that it takes place in the future by the view of the city that is shown and the flying vehicle escaping from it as well as the futuristic font used for the title.  

Crime & Gangsters

The Godfather

The Godfather has to be one of Francis Ford Coppola's greatest achievements in his career.  This movie is still amazing even after 44 years since its original release.  So much story telling is being said in the poster showing all of the key members of the family in different aspects of their lives but they are all bound by one key figure and that is Don Vito Corleone aka The Godfather or the head of the Italian mob.  He dictates everything that happens in the lives of all of the surrounding family members and they are all tied to him in one way or another. 

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