Thursday, May 26, 2016

Wonderland by Kirsty Mitchell


       Kirsty Mitchell has in the span of 2 days of discovering her work become my favorite photographer.  Her work is absolutely beautiful and with a surreal look and almost painting like feel it takes you away to a fantasy land.  Her imagery captures your imagination and drops it down the rabbit hole.  

Her vast knowledge of fashion design gives her an advantage with extravagant costumes and sets to really bring her creations to life.  


The Wonderland Book has become the biggest kickstarter for a book and you can see why by some of the images I posted.  Kirsty Mitchell has won many honors including Best Conceptual Photographer and is a Nikon UK Ambassador for Fine Art.

Take it from me you will be hearing a lot about this relatively young artist in the very near future. Kirsty Mitchell if you're reading this you are absolutely amazing and have made a big fan out of me.

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